Anti-Aging Vitamins – What Are the Core Vitamins?

As we grow old, our body needs more nutrients intake, as it loses the ability to process nutrients in a gradual manner. Vitamins are good for health and our body needs vitamins through out our life time. Vitamin D is one of the anti aging vitamins, that helps prevent osteoporosis. When we grow old, our body produces only 40% of the vitamins. A strong need for the intake of Vitamin D arises. People in their 20′s need only 200 IU of vitamin D whereas those at the age of seventy need at least 600 IU of vitamin D.As we age, we also need Vitamin B that one of the essential anti aging vitamins too. Folic acid, Vitamin B6 and Vitamin B12 are essential for our body as they helps in avoiding heart disease and memory loss as we grow older. The intake of Vitamin B6 should be increased from 2 mg to 5mg and vitamin B12 from 2mcg to 10 mcg with aging if we do not want to age prematurely.Vitamin K, which is not very popular, is one of the most powerful antioxidants. This vitamin is stronger than coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E. Vitamin K helps slow down aging and is also essential in avoiding heart disease and osteoporosis. Research shows that Vitamin K is one of the potent anti aging vitamins as this gets accumulated in the lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, pancreas and blood.Anti aging vitamins ensure that you overcome the problem of premature aging. As we age, we suffer from increased inflammation that may lead to heart disease and mobility impairments. During the process of aging, certain hormones increase in our body while others decrease and this leads to various health problems. Apart from preventing these health issues, intake of anti aging vitamins also prevent skin aging.There should be a consistent pattern of vitamins intake for the anti aging effects to be strong. Antioxidants are essential for our body to fight against free radical damage to the cell. If there is high level of free radicals, then it results in preventing cellular regeneration of the skin due to which wrinkles and fine lines start appearing. To move and flush vitamins, our body needs enough water. When you take anti aging vitamins regularly, it is a must to drink a bottle of water every couple of hours. You can take the help of your doctor in identifying your vitamin requirements.

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